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My story

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, and mother of 8. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, I have always sought for sources and solutions for the challenges life brings to fulfill self-realization and happiness.  This path has awakened the desire to do the same: to help and inspire my fellow being... continue

Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

Confidently step steadfast forward into your greatness

Typically my clients are people who struggle with, or suffer from, addictions and are unable to change or shift their process of thought and decision making on their own. I help them recode their nervous system and rewire their brains so that they choose alternative behaviors to overcome their vices. This will give them a freer, healthier, more congruent life, helping them live to their fullest. Since anxiety and depression are a form of addiction, other clients use my work to learn new behaviors. I empower individuals with the necessary tools to stay on track on their way to regain their lives. ``Soft Addictions are those seemingly harmless habits like over-shopping, overeating, watching too much TV, endlessly surfing the internet, procrastinating, etc.—that actually keep us from the life we want. They cost us money, rob us of time, numb us from our feelings, mute our consciousness, and drain our energy. And we all have them.`` — Judith Wright, author of The Soft Addiction Solution Other examples of soft addictions are: Overeating, cell phone, TV, surfing the internet, sadness, worrying, texting, shopping, work, gaming, coffee, complaining, gossiping.

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Improving your life from the inside out

Like physical therapy, and antibiotics, it takes many sessions to truly heal your inner wounds and move forward. After just a few sessions, the results you see will be incredible. Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy bring control, balance, and direction like nothing else. BOOK FREE CONSULTATION


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