I felt overwhelmed to know the island where I grew up had been hit with a category 5 phenomenon.  As soon as I could, I flew to my home island of Puerto Rico to contribute with a grain of salt with anyone who needed me. My opportunity came when I went to the Island with the TIFIE nonprofit campaign “Light Up Puerto Rico”.  Traveling through the island giving away solar torches, food and water was impactful.  The recipients were in the dark, hungry and thirsty.

The dynamic writing exercises and interactions transformed people’s gloomy faces as we discussed how to change negative thought patterns by turning them into positive problem-solving affirmations that empowered them as a community.  Facilitating hope and happiness despite the circumstances enabled my fellow islanders to take control of the situation.

It is gratifying to know that their frowns where turned upside down.  Smiles illuminated the room with new ideas, meaningful connections and positive communications.  Hope was restored.  My heart was full.