Lori Beard

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Lori’s Story

At an early age, I learned about relatives that harmed my immediate loved ones because of their addictions to toxic substances or sexual behaviors. To be more specific, both, my dear grandmother and my beloved mother, a sweet aunt and many of my cousins were direct victims of individuals corroded by addictions.

During my childhood, a family member with promiscuous sexual behavior shattered my ability to trust and understand the real meaning of healthy sexual intimacy and relationships in general.

I went through life coping, dealing with the effects of the abuse, knowing for a fact that to this day, these individuals were not helped to stop their behavior. It makes me wonder how many more lives were harmed.

Fast forward some years, as a mother, I have been through the exhausting and painful process of a child wanting to be released from the grasps of pornography or a gaming dependency.

I am Lori Beard, Leading Expert in breaking addictive behaviors, and I want to help you or someone you care about to overcome the addictive behaviors that inhibit your progress.

If you struggle from any type of addictions and If you are ready to do something about it for change I want to help you explore alternative behaviors to have a freer, healthier and a more congruent life.

Desde pequeña, me enteré de que algunos miembros de mi familia les hicieron daño a mis más cercanos seres queridos debido a su adicción a substancias tóxicas, o adicción a comportamientos sexuales promiscuos. Para ser específica, mi adorada abuela, mi querida madre, y hasta una preciada tía junto a mis primos fueron y todavía son víctimas afectadas por adicciones destructivas.

Para colmo, durante mi niñez un familiar me molesto sexualmente derrotando así mi habilidad para confiar, ni siquiera en mi sombra… esto también distorsionó el significado de relaciones sexuales intimas saludables- en fin, derrumbó mi visión con respecto a relaciones en general.

Al pasar los años, fui a través de la vida lidiando afectada por el abuso superando poco a poco como pude, sabiendo que por seguro estos seres que hicieron daño nunca recibieron ayuda para poner en alto su conducta dañina. Me pregunto cuántos seres más fueron o siguen siendo dañados.

Acelerando algunos años al presente en mi rol de madre, he pasado por el proceso devastador y doloroso de ver a un hijo sufrir al querer zafarse de las garras de la pornografía o adicción al juego.

Soy Lori Beard, especialista destacada por ayudar personas romper las cadenas de adicción. Y yo quiero ayudarle a usted o a su ser querido superar conductas adictivas destructivas que inhiben su progreso.

Si usted o un ser querido batalla con cualquier tipo de adicción y está presto a hacer algo al respecto para cambios permanentes, quiero presentarles comportamientos alternos para disfrutar de una vida libre, saludable y plena.


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Ang Q.

Going to Lori has been a great experience in my life. With the wisdom and advice Lori has given and through the process of hypnosis I have been able to find my true self. I feel a sense of peace and joy knowing that all areas of my life are coming into one accord to allow me to be me. Lori has a way with words to help me go deeper within myself. I would recommend Lori to anyone who wants and is willing to find themselves and their inner peace.

I. Irurita, Dallas, TX

Lori is a great human being. She is professional and supportive. Her ability to listen and her guidance during sessions helped me identify specific areas in my life to work on. Using the precise affirmations, audiovisual techniques, she helped me heal my body and Spirit. I highly recommend Lori Beard to anyone in the pursuit of healing and wellbeing. Thank you, Lori! Many blessings!

Lori es un gran ser humano. Se que cuento con su apoyo como profesional. Su habilidad de escuchar y su direccion intuitiva durante las sesiones me ayudaron a identificar areas de mejoramiento especificas. Usando las afirmaciones y tecnicas audiovisuales precisas, Lori me ayudo restaurar mi cuerpo y espiritu. Recomiendo altamente a Lori Beard para personas que esten buscando restaurar su ser. Gracias, Lori Beard!

Asistir a sesiones con Lori Beard ha sido una gran experiencia para mi. Su sabiduria y direccion durante el proceso de hipnosis me ha ayudado a encontrar mi verdadero ser interno. Siento paz y regocijo sabiendo que todos los areas de mi vida estan en armonia para lograr ser mi mejor persona. Lori tiene una habilidad con palabras que me ayuda a profundizar dentro de mi ser. Recomiendo a Lori Beard a todo aquel que quiera encontrarse a si mismo y su paz interna.

David Patterson, Dallas, TX

It has been my good fortune to come to know and collaborate with Lori Beard.
She is a woman of integrity whose infectious energy and drive inspires all who come in contact with her. Her life experience gives her wisdom and a sensitive strength and is invaluable to all of us.
I consider Lori my friend, a colleague, coach and mentor.

Haber conocido y poder colaborar con Lori Beard ha sido de gran fortuna!
Es una mujer con integridad, cuya energía contagiosa y dinamismo inspira a todos los que están en contacto con ella.
Sus experiencias de vida le han dado sabiduria y una fuerza de sensibilidad que es invaluable para todos.
Considero a Lori Beard como una amiga, colega, entrenadora y mentor.

Isaac M., Dallas, TX

I recommend Lori Beard because the help she provides is from her heart. Lori loves the Hispanic community. What she does is with God's power to be able to help and bring about changes in the person she touches. This influence is what keeps me going. Life is better because I have been able to overcome inhibiting habits that I was not able to on my own. I no longer need toxic substances thanks to God and thanks to what I have learned to discover about myself with Lori. She has helped me understand that drugs are unnecessary to live joyfully nor to smile.
Life is beautiful, it consists in living a healthy and generous life like Lori's.

Yo recomiendo a Lori Beard por que la ayuda que ella brinda la da de corazon. Lori ama a los hispanos y tambien todo lo hace con el poder de Dios para poder ayudar a cambiar a la persona. Esta influencia es lo que me esta ayudando.
Me va bien en la vida, he superado cosas que nunca pense superar. Ya no necesito la droga gracias a Dios y a lo que me a ayudado a descubrir Lori. Me ha ayudado a entender que la droga no se necesita para estar feliz ni para estar sonriendo.
La vida es muy bonita, consiste en llevar una vida sana, ser bueno y generoso como Lori.

Eduardo Carvajal, Dallas, TX

He trabajado con Lori para superar un hábito que era un problema ya que era muy malo para mi salud y mi matrimonio. Gracias a mi asociación e interacción con ella durante las sesiones, he logrado un cambio total Yo la recomiendo por que ayuda bastante.
Le invito a que tenga un corazón y una mente abierta para permitir que sus tecnicas le ayuden a cambiar su vida para siempre.

I have worked with Lori Beard to overcome a bad habit that was interfering with my personal life, health and marriage. Thanks to my interactive association with Lori during sessions, I have accomplished a total change in that area of my life. I recommend her because of her significant help.
I invite you to have an open heart and mind to allow her techniques to change your life forever.

Michael C., Vevey, Switzerland

I had the chance to have sessions with Lori and in a single word I could say “amazing”. Initially I was wondering about a coaching and hypnosis remote session over Skype, but I have to admit that the results are beyond all my expectations. She totally masters the session and made me feel like if I was in front of her in the same room. The “distance” is clearly not a showstopper. During the session, Lori really takes the time to listen to you, and honors where you come from. She helps you to clearly identify what you want and need to address with her. Thanks to her help all these things seemed suddenly clearer in my mind. She took the time to listen and gave me the time to feel relaxed and in confidence with her. When the hypnosis part of the started and she was strictly speaking, her tone, her voice and the words she used made me feel totally at ease. I felt totally relaxed. I won’t go in the details of the sessions, but I can only say that I felt extremely good and it helped me confront what I needed with strength and confidence. I also would like to say that I am living in Switzerland and English is not my mother tongue and despite of that Lori was always able to use the proper words to be sure I stay “connected” to her.